Founded in 2008 by a collective of musicians and music lovers, Midwest Music Foundation (MMF) is a nonprofit created to support music and musicians in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.


We seek a world where musicians can create the music they love without worrying about getting sick or injured.

The Midwest Music Foundation (MMF) unites and empowers the greater Kansas City music community by providing programs and resources to area musicians through outreach, support, education, and health care opportunities.

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We seek a world where musicians can create the music they love without worrying about getting sick or injured.

While on tour with her band Gaslights, our co-founder Abigail Henderson began to feel a pain in her abdomen. Her husband and bandmate, Christopher Meck had hurt his back hauling their band equipment and Abby’s pain followed after she hauled the equipment herself. They were in New Orleans with little money for a doctor, but somebody told them to visit the Louisiana State University Musicians’ Clinic. Armed with a copy of one of their CDs, Abby and Chris went to the clinic where she was diagnosed with a hernia. The physician not only saw her without insurance but gave her proper instructions for treating the hernia throughout the rest of the tour.

“We need that in Kansas City.” -- Abigail Henderson

Abby was inspired by her experience with the caring New Orleans musicians who demonstrated their support of one another. She came back to Kansas City and joined with fellow comrades to create a coalition for all area musicians to join and get the health care they need. In 2008, after plans stalled and Abby was diagnosed with Stage III inflammatory breast cancer, the Kansas City music community came together to raise money for Abby’s treatment. With the leftover money, Abby co-founded the Midwest Music Foundation and helped establish the principles on which we stand today.

Since its inception, MMF has granted more than $60,000 to local musicians through Abby’s Fund, named for our fearless founder. Abby passed away in August 2013, but because she knew the importance of music and health care, MMF continues to provide support for all members of the local Kansas City music community.


We are dedicated to sharing our love of music and using it to provide the help musicians need to keep playing and working toward their dreams.

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Are you a music fanatic and love helping people achieve their dreams?

We're always looking for additional help to promote local bands, organize events, and help musicians get health care when they need it. If you're looking to help MMF on a more permanent basis, let us know!


Board of Directors

The Midwest Music Foundation Board of Directors works to keep the music going by staying true to our mission and the vision Abby had for the organization.

Become a Volunteer

Do you enjoy music and want to help promote local artists of Kansas City as they work towards their dreams? Join us!

The joy of helping and promoting local musicians comes from a deep love of music. Each of our team enjoys tapping a foot to the beat, grooving on the dance floor, and waving a lighter to the stars. If you love music as much as us and want to lend a hand to the services provided by MMF, we want to welcome you to the family.



We support musicians so they can keep the music alive. We offer services in education, outreach, and health care options to the Kansas City music community.


We provide education in music career development, production of the music business, and health care.


We participate in community outreach, particularly supporting local musicians and bringing their sound to music lovers.

Health Care

We seek to provide health care to the underinsured and uninsured musicians residing in and around Kansas City.

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NOT A PLANET - Load In at Chipotle Homegrown Stage @ Boulevardia - 06/14/2014 Our members enjoy the opportunity to represent MMF with free merchandise, and discounts to shows and events throughout the year. Join us in keeping the music going.

Fan / Musician $25 per year
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  • KC business & event discounts
  • 1 Entry to Apocalypse Meow
  • 1 Entry to MT fundraiser
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Health care fund

Abby’s Fund for Musicians Healthcare is dedicated to providing emergency funds to local underinsured or uninsured musicians of the greater Kansas City area.

Abby’s Fund

“It’s good to have an organization that cares about the work you do; it’s important to the livelihood of the community. If you blow out your knee, or fall off a ladder, or have a terrible situation, we can help you immediately.” -- Abigail Henderson

The Apocalypse Meow benefit was created in 2008 when local musician and MMF cofounder Abigail Henderson was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her friends and community rallied around her and raised money to help get her over some daunting financial hurdles. Abby passed away in August of 2013 but we continue her mission to connect musicians with health care throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Apocalypse Meow is now an annual benefit held by MMF to raise money and support for Abby’s Fund for Musicians Healthcare. In collaboration with local health care providers, we hope to provide a series of clinic days, low-cost annual check-ups, and mammograms at a reduced rate to KC musicians.

Abby’s Fund is designed to assist underinsured and uninsured members of the Kansas CIty music community with emergency medical situations. By 2015, we have given out more than $50,000 to area musicians since 2008 and we continue to raise funds in hopes of providing more support in the future.


The event that started it all, Apocalypse Meow is the main fundraiser for Abby’s Fund and MMF, drawing a crowd of avid KC musicians and music lovers together every year.

The beginning notes

"Abby believed that music can take you to where you need to be and that it's important, and the people that do that need to be taken care of." -- Sondra Freeman

Apocalypse Meow began in 2008 with the goal to raise funds for MMF Founder Abigail Henderson. The event marked the starting point of MMF and it’s mission to bring light the issues musicians face with health care to the Kansas City community. Since its inauguration, Apocalypse Meow has given more than $50,000 to area musicians (2015) and will continue to raise funds in the years to come.

Musicians who knew Abby before she passed or hear about MMF through the grapevine, participate in Apocalypse Meow to celebrate music and raise money to help those in need in the community. Apocalypse Meow was built on the principle of a community coming together to support one of their own and it continues to this day.

In 2014 we celebrated our 7th Annual Apocalypse Meow event with such bands as The Philistines, Various Blonde, Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds, Katy Guillen & The Girls, Outsides, Pedaljets, Bad Wheels, Joe Pug, Anna Cole and The Other Lovers, and more.

Learn more about how Apocalypse Meow benefits musicians in Kansas City by reading about our health care cause in Abby’s Fund.

View current and past Apocalypse Meow performers, sponsors, venues, and more by selecting the links below.


MidCoast Takeover

MidCoast Takeover was born out of the area offering more than farmland -- an actual deep appreciation for music and a community of talented performers.

Midwest is the best

“The music that comes out of Kansas City rivals anything made on either coast, and I honestly believe that, because we’re in the middle, we have to kick so damn hard to be listened to.” -- Abigail Henderson

MidCoast Takeover began in 2010 under the name Midwasteland Takeover and became a huge success. In 2011, we changed the name to MidCoast Takeover.

We found a permanent home at Shangri-La in Austin, which has allowed us to grow to a four day, two-stage showcase of midwestern music. Since its inception, MidCoast Takeover has grown every year, gained national attention, and been named one of the best unofficial showcases. We have led musicians of all levels to join together at one of the largest music events in the United States, uniting them with the passion for music in our lives.

"A lot of our music is better because we have the tenacity to get it out there. We have to fight to be heard.” -- Abigail Henderson

We are excited to continue MidCoast Takeover into the future, hoping more artists can join us in Austin. For more information about this year’s event, how to register, past events, and more, select the links below.

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We always have another show or event on the horizon that you should save the date for and plan to attend!

Apocalypse Meow 9

November 4, 2016 at to

MMF Blog

Stay up-to-date on the Midwest Music Foundation with our blog. We update it regularly with KC articles, music reviews, and MMF news.


We have built a community of music lovers and supporter of the arts. Musicians shouldn't have to worry about getting sick or injured - instead they should focus on their craft. We seek to provide musicians with the care they need, when they need it.

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Health care fund

Health care is an important cause at MMF as we see it as a necessity for musicians who dedicate their


There are many resources our musicians and we use to help keep the Kansas City music community thriving. These facilities and people work tirelessly to support musicians in creating the beats we love to hear.

Live music venues & booking

A list of music venues and booking companies around Kansas City.

Press & blogs

Contact information for various press and links to music-focused blogs.

Gear & audio engineering

A list of gear and audio engineering resources and their locations.

Creative & Merchandising

Resources for video, web, print design and photography, and merchandising/distribution.

Festivals & organizations

A list of music festivals and organizations in the Midwest.

Health & Emergency

A list of health and emergency resources available to musicians in Kansas City.


We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Kansas City music community through playing, volunteering, or donation. Contact us if you have any questions about membership, health care, or our upcoming shows and events.

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